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Digital Print & Cutting

Digital Printing

Our pair of next-generation HP Scitex FB11000 Industrial Presses allow you to experience the very best a digital flatbed press can offer. Productivity, versatility, quality and value have all reached new levels of excellence thanks to the ground-breaking technology that HP have developed and implemented in partnership with Swanline. 

'HP High Dynamic Range' printing technology will vastly enhance your market capabilities through the unique capacity to print in a 16 grey-level format. The HP Scitex FB11000 Industrial press uses ultra-small ink droplets to print at a quality approaching that of offset litho - surpassing all previous UV inkjet flatbed capabilities. This, combined with the high-speed proficiency of the press, opens up markets in the packaging sector previously exclusive to shorter run offset litho, post-print flexo and screen print markets. 

This press is perfect for high impact graphic packaging and displays, as well as shorter-run POS and retail graphics, and its unmatched media versatility also means that we can print on substrates ranging from corrugate to polypropylene - with the crucial potential for faster, more efficient lead-times.

These two HP Scitex FB11000 machines allow us to specialise in short-medium production runs, eliminating the need for excess unit purchases that may have proven an issue in the past. And, with longevity assured thanks to built-in upgradeability courtesy of HP's revolutionary technology, Swanline is well placed to cater for all of your digital needs for the foreseeable future.

Digital Cutting

Kongsberg XP Digital Cutting Table

The speed, versatility and accuracy of our Konsberg XP digital cutting table combine to offer radical new levels of productivity and throughput, ensuring that whatever your finishing needs, we can meet them head on with quality and efficiency. 

Designed to handle corrugated board and other rigid or roll materials, the Kongsberg XP is ready to run jobs ranging from a single unit to a full scale production with up to 1000 units a day. Its extraordinary production power is fuelled by a very short set-up time and range of versatile tools, meaning that for corrugated short-runs, digital finishing now challenges the throughput on manual clam-shell die cutters.

Kongsberg XN Digital Sample Table

Our Kongsberg XN finishing table is one of the most adaptable devices of its kind on the market. Its wide range of speciality tools offer the speed, power and flexibility needed to handle a wide range of media - offering you the perfect solution for cost efficient mock-ups and ultra-short production runs.
Top Secret
The first HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press purchased by Swanline was the very first such model available on the market, anywhere in the world!
Top Secret